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    So, Angela actually wishes she could be a professional TV reviewer. Lets give her a platform. She watched all the shows and took copious notes, listen in to compare your faves and be sure to let us know what you think. There's also a segment on Maggie Gyllenhall's boobs...so....don't miss!
    This episode we get a quick recap on Ang's trip to Hawaii where she stayed at Disney's Aulani Resort. Spoiler: It was fun. She is tired. And wonders why people without kids go to a Disney Hotel? The ladies also talk about real life ghost stories! Ali has some spooky haunted tales that she's...
    This week we have our friend and maker extraordinaire, Erin Rosenow on to discuss strong female Halloween Costumes for little girls...and lots of other fun diversions. Erin is a soiree stylist and maker of things, she can be found @frittsrosenow
    This week we are talking about pregnancy myths (or are they truths?)! Ali is pregnant with #2 and has learned it's actually true what they say about each pregnancy being different! Angela has only been pregnant once and that was enough for her. We found a blog post where a woman talks about...
    October 11, 2017 · Homeless,Urban,Talking to Kids
    This episode was recorded in the Cole Haan Sponsored Recording Booth at Werk It: A Women's Podcast Festival. Guys, we have a real recording booth and sound editor! This was so much fun, even though Angela was so nervous she *almost* needed a vodka shot first. The Werk It Festival in general was...
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