• About Us

    Angela and Ali - that's us circa 2005! yikes.

    We each moved to San Francisco in 2004, within 3 months of each other and took the same sales job. We met at work - Angela was seated over the cubicle wall from Ali - and neither of us excelled at work from that moment on! (Angela would later do well once Ali left for culinary school and stopped distracting her).
    12 years, 2 husbands, 1 pug, 2 daughters, many jobs, and a big move back to LA (for Angela) and we're still best friends.

    With a mutual dream to tell people what we think and to just talk for a living, we decided to start this podcast. You can listen in our our infamously loud debates (Ali maintains that you must scream into a cell phone to be heard 399 miles away) as we catch up and tell each other what the other needs to hear (even though we'll probably just agree with each other).
    We are the The Friend You Need!

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